Pizzas for the People

Design Activism
In the course of a long running ideological conflict North Korea is one of the most culturally isolated countries in the world, which reject any foreign influences through a tight control of media and communication equipment. To protect the North Korean identity from potential damaging western influences, short wave radios for example are banned while TV receiver are locked to tune only to the 3 official channels.

Paradoxically, with the support of pizza loving leader Kim Jong-il the first-ever Pizzeria was recently opened to provide an authentic Italian experience for a minority of wealthy political elite.

With the aim of challenging current cultural obstacles in North Korea, I have contacted a number of Chinese smugglers in China to distribute illegal propaganda over the border to North Korea, through the popular DVD format, which players are widely found in North Korean homes.

‹Pizzas for the People› is the series of designed insertions that explores how design can playfully contribute and impact on a social and cultural level, subtly challenging an ideological status quo.

디자인 행동주의
북한은 매체와 통신수단의 철저한 통재를 바탕으로한 오랜 봉쇄정책으로 인해 세계에서 가장 문화적으로 고립된 국가로 꼽힌다. 외국 문명으로 부터 북한 고유의 문화정체성을 지킨다는 명목아래 단파 라디오는 금지되었고, TV 체널은 3개의 북한 공영방송으로 고정되었다. 하지만 역설적이게도 피자를 즐기먹는 김정일을 위해 2008년 평양에 북한 최초 피자점이 문을 열였다.

정치 기득권만 예외인 모순된 북한의 문화장벽에 도전하기 위해 김황은 피자 만드는 법을 담은 동영상을 제작, 북한 암시장의 루트를 따라 북한 주민들에게 배포하였다. 그 후 약 6개월 동안 북한 주민들로부터 사진, 메모 등의 지속적인 피드백을 받고 있다. 그들은 김황의 동영상을 어떻게 받아들이는가? 그것은 체제를 위협하는 불온선전인가, 아니면 우호적인 제스처인가?

‹모두를 위한 피자›는 어떻게 디자인이 정치적 현상에 도전하여 사회 또는 문화적으로 기여 또는 충격을 가할 수 있는지 표류하는 일종의 디자인/다원예술 실험이다.

Credit - Film & Documentary

Directed by
  • Hwang Kim 김황

  • Yong-ha 용하 - Sang-yeop Yuk 육상엽
  • In-kyung 인경 - Hee-jung Park 박희정
  • Merchant 골목장수 - Hwang Kim 김황

  • Ji-sun Lee 이지선

  • Dept. Yee-ri Kim 김예리

Assistant director
  • Dong-hee Lee 이동희

Directing Dept.
  • Woo-sung Jeon 전우성, Seung-eun Shin 신승은, Hye-jin Kang 강혜진

  • Dong-hee Lee 이동희

  • Hyun-kyu Shin 신현규

Photography Dept.
  • Kyung-jin Min 민경진, Woo-sung Jeon 전우성

  • Soo-hyun Yun 윤수현,  Jin-woo An 안진우

Sound Recording
  • Yea-seul Shin 신예슬

Boom Operator
  • Byung-hyun Lee 이병헌, Jin-kang Kim 김진강

Art Director
  • Yoon-jung Ahn 안윤정    

Costume Design
  • Soo-in Noh 노수인

  • Seung-hui Gu 구승희, Jeong-sun Choi 최정선 

Hair & Make Up
  • Style M – Min-jung Shin 신민정

Textile Design
  • Ga-hwa Lee 이가화

Graphic Design
  • Ka-won Lee 이가원, Jong-bum Yoon 윤종범

  • Seoul - Woo-sung Jeon 전우성
  • Dandong - Hwe-won Kim 김혜원

  • Woo-sung Jeon 전우성, Ka-won Lee 이가원

Editing Studio
  • Sun-min Kim 김선민 스튜디오

Color Grinding & VFX
  • Mofac Studio 모팩 스튜디오

North Korea acting, art supervising
Song-moon Kim 김송문, Ha-gyo Jeong 정하교, Hong-kyun Kim 김홍균, Joo-il Kim 김주일

Poster Illustration, artwork
  • Dong-hee Lee 이동희, Ka-won Lee 이가원

Location help
  • Young-hun Chun 천영헌

Thanks to
Mi-young Yun 윤미영, Yoon-a Joe 조윤아, Yun-suck Back 백윤석, Jy-yeon Seo 서지연, A-rum Han 한아름, Seong-joon Lee 이성준, Lingjing Yin 尹灵婧, Jae-sik Gil 길재식, Liam Creighton

Project Supervising
  • Onkar Kular, Sebastian Noel

North Korea Distribution
  • Mr. Song  송선생님

Music in the Film            

  • Written by Rod Temperton
  • Song by Michael Jackson

Again Again, Heart Beat
  • Written & Lyrics by JYP
  • Song by 2PM

I'm Genie for your wish
  • Written by Dsign Music
  • Lyrics by Yoeng-jin Yoo 유영진
  • Song by Girls Generation 소녀시대

Sorry Sorry
  • Written & Lyrics by Yoeng-jin Yoo 유영진
  • Song by Super Junior 슈퍼주니어

Lollipop, Fire
  • Written & Lyrics by Teddy
  • Song by 2NE1

I don't care
  • Written & Lyrics by Teddy / Kush
  • Song by 2NE1

We wish you a merry Christmas
  • Song by Unknown

You are my girl
  • Written & Lyrics by Psy
  • Song by Seung-ki Lee 이승기

Girls are flowers
  • Written by Jong-oh Lee 이종오
  • Lyrics by Song-nam Kim 김송남
  • Song by Boon-hee Lee 이분희

I can't say now.
  • Written by Kang-hyun Yim 임강현
  • Song by Dallea Music 달래음악단

The best time of life
  • Written by Ryong-chool Cho 조령출
  • Lyrics by Bok-yoon Kim 김복윤
  • Song by Kwang-sook Kim 김광숙

Credit – Performance

  • Sang-yeop Yuk 육상엽                     
  • Hee-jung Park 박희정
  • Jin-ha Oh 오진하
  • Sang-chul Lee 이상철
  • Jin-hyang Nam 남진향
  • Woo-sung Jeon 전우성

Production Managed by
  • Joo-young Koh 고주영

Accordion Play
  • Festival B:om 2011 - Cheol-ok Lee 이철옥
  • Izayoi Yoshidamachi Studio 2012 - Sang-hee Lee 이상희
  • De Keuze Festival 2013 - Peter Van Os
  • Theater’s Fight Club - Ines Trickovic
  • Belluard Bollwerk Festival 2014 - Oskar Coursin
  • Temps D’images 2014 - Bogdana Dima
  • Budapest, Hungary - Johannes Olsson
  • Akcent Festival 2014 - Gugar Manukjan

  • English Translation - Hoyoung Ahn 안호영
  • English Supervising - Peter Ziegler, Oscar Wanless
  • Japanese Translation - Seung-hyo Lee 이승효
  • Chinese Translation- Hye-won Chang 장혜원
  • French Translation - You-mi Han 한유미
  • French supervising - Hervé Péjaudier
  • Romanian Translation - Cristina Moura
  • Hungarian Translation - Janka Kovacs
  • Hungarian supervising - Irimiás Olga
  • Czech Translation - Tomas Horak
  • Czech supervising - Jana Svobodová

PROJECTS - Selected

of OND & Hwang Kim (2004~2024) 


104(EB2), 1009-2
UNIST-st, Eonyang, Ulju
44919, Ulsan, Republic of Korea

울산광역시, 언양읍, 울주군
유니스트길 50, 44919
104동 1009-2호